Archival Notes, October 2016

One hidden source of vital records that are public is in Annual Town Reports for selective years. Individual towns have different years, where the town clerk lists all births, marriages and deaths for the previous year. Some of them list persons who died in another town but are buried in their particular town. ACGS Library […]

This Old Tree, September/October 2016

This month’s column is how the Japanese view the family. Japan has always been a class system society. The first is the Imperial family; second the Warrior and Artisans class and thirdly the Farmer/Peasants class. In the 1860’s and early 1870’s there were many social and economic changes during the Meiji period. Starting in 1868, […]

President’s Message, August 2016

Greetings: To everyone who prepared and gathered the materials, helped set up the display and worked every day at the Northern Maine Fair, Thank-you very much. You have contributed to ACGS‘s “Most Knowledgeable Staff” award for 2016. Job well-done ACGS members! Are you planning to attend the MGS Conference in Brewer on September 17th? They […]

Researching Very Early British Nationals

Found while preparing a display on census records… British Aliens in the United States during the War of 1812 by Genealogical Publishing Co. Inc. 1979 Once war was declared, British subjects were now enemy aliens. They were given notice to report to the marshal of the state or territory. They had to report the people […]

This Old Tree

Finding Sarah Davis of Cardigan, New Brunswick In June of 1819 a number of Welsh families settled in York County, New Brunswick. Among them was the family of William Davies/Davis and his wife Margaret. There were 8 children at least in their family. Information I received from the Welsh Sociality of center New Brunswick gave […]

This Old Tree by Robert A Deane

The Parents of Perry Dean My great grandfather, Perry Dean, was born on January 4, 1878, in Fort Fairfield, Maine. He lived most of his life in Fort Fairfield, except for several years beginning in 1929 and into the early 1930’s, when he lived in Waterbury, Connecticut, for employment reasons, and for a period of […]

Tips for Researching Irish Records

When doing Irish research you need to understand the territorial boundaries before you start. Province = the largest area in Irish records. Originally there were 8 counties in each of the 4 provinces. In 1922 Ireland was divided into 6 counties in Northern Ireland and 26 in the Republic of Ireland. County = the 32 […]

This Old Tree, April 2016

This month’s column is about “red herrings” in death records.My example is a real person that I have in a branch of my family tree. One of the members of our group had tried to find who the record belonged to and was not able to find the correct person. The death record states the […]

President’s Message, April 2016

As we move from winter into spring, you probably have to-do lists that involve research away from home.I for one like to go to different locations and not just on the internet. There is something about opening up those old books that gets to me. Perhaps you plan to visit a cemetery or two, whatever […]